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Claim Prevention

Construction is complex, multi-faceted, and unfortunately, replete with both financial and legal risk. At Whelan Construction Law, our goal is to limit risk and, when risk results in loss or potential loss, control the fallout as fully and immediately as possible. Litigation relating to disputes is always an option; however, it is not the first option, nor the first line of defense. The most effective approach is that of risk mitigation. Attempting to eliminate problems before they arise, or to reduce the impact of those problems when they first emerge is key. We work with our clients from project conception to completion to simplify the construction process, protect their rights, and minimize risk. Our goal is to provide guidance that yields time savings, efficiency, and maximized profits for our clients. If problems do arise, we can assess them quickly and assist in making the tactical and strategic decisions necessary to help clients resolve disputes and to avoid costly litigation. Our firm can assist clients with:

  • Interpreting and enforcing contract rights and responsibilities

  • Early problem identification and intervention and evaluation of options for addressing issues

  • Field training/identifying and addressing potential sources of liability on site

  • Creation of processes for documenting owner, contractor, and subcontractor contracts, change orders, schedules/schedule changes, and contract performance/default notices

  • Timely risk-shifting options including excusable delays, indemnification, bond and insurance claims

  • Guidance on insurance requirements



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