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Regulatory & Administrative Proceedings

Many aspects of construction are regulated by laws covering public, as well as private construction work. Wading through all the federal, state, and local legislation and regulatory requirements that impact construction projects can be overwhelming. We have the expertise and skill to guide our clients through the intricacies of government contracting, compliance with statutes and regulations, governmental investigations and administrative proceedings, and contractor licensing issues.
Bid Protests

Bidding on public works of improvement can be fraught with disputes regarding the accuracy and sufficiency of information provided to bidders, the qualifications of individual bidders, and challenges by unsuccessful bidders. Whelan Construction Law has extensive experience guiding both agencies and contractors through responsibility hearings and bid protests that involve a variety of issues, including specific project qualifications, financial responsibility and bonding, and past performance. We understand the importance of the bidding process, and how to best protect the parties contracting for public works projects. Our firm can advise you on the requirements of bid protests, help prepare and serve necessary bid protest documents, represent you at administrative hearings on bid protests, and prosecute lawsuits on your behalf against public entities to prevent the improper award of a construction contract.

Licensing & Administrative Complaints

Licensing laws have an enormous impact on payment disputes when there is a question of proper licensing. Whelan Construction Law has defeated numerous claims for payment on projects by contractors and subcontractors who failed to secure and maintain the licenses required. We have also successfully represented contractors to ward off claims of improper licensure as a means to justify a party’s failure to pay all money due under a contract. Understanding the complexities of licensing laws is critical to anyone involved in a construction project. We can draft qualifying agent agreements, advise on licensing compliance, help defend licenses against complaints, and advocate for our clients in other licensing board proceedings.

Bid Protests
Licensing & Administrative Complaints


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